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On the 15th, my ex-boyfriend ( who's also the one who invited me to go to Bronycon with him ) asked me if I would give him another chance, and I said absolutely. <3

So today, we spent the day at the mall. Buying MLP stuff.

He bought me a Brony shirt to match his, a TY Rarity plushie, and I also bought myself an Applebloom plushie at Build-a-Bear.

While we were at Build-a-Bear, we were dressing up the Cutie Mark Crusaders in random outfits. He dressed up Sweetie Belle as Thor, and put an army helmet on Scootaloo. Later when we got to his place, he showed me that he bought me a Pinkie Pie plushie from Walmart where he works ( and a Pinkie Pie bank XD ), and decided to put the Thor outfit on Pinkie Pie. So, I now have a Pinkie Thor. X'D

It's been a long time since I've felt like this. I just feel so... loved. ;//w//; It makes me even more excited for Bronycon too.

And I don't just feel loved because he bought me lots of stuff. I feel loved because we had a great time together, like we used to when we first started dating in highschool. It feels really, really awesome that I have him back again.

*lol being sappy as hell*

S-So that's it, I just wanted to tell everyone about my day. Q//w//Q <3 Because I had a pretty nice day today. Yeeeee.
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Krystyna c:
United States
Hey, welcome to my fail page.

I do MMD and stuff. ouo And stuff with Bases. Because I enjoy using bases.

It's okay if you don't like what I do... Just leave and don't come back. <3

I'm pretty shy with new people, but if you like Roleplaying, Hetalia, My Little Pony, Pokemon, or any of the million other stuff I like, then we should get along fine~

I'm always free for roleplaying. ^^


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sampea Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Hello, sorry to bother you, but are you still in our AB RP? You haven't show a sign of life for days.
Yes, I'm sorry! I've been preparing for my trip to Bronycon, which is in a few days, so I've been a little busy.
sampea Featured By Owner 16 hours ago
Oh, you could've told me. :)
PockyTrue Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-climbs onto head- ' 7 '
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o u o?
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EAP? i didn't know you were on DA. huh.
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paldies for the watch OuO
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